Broadcasting Software

It’s now easier than ever to embrace live streaming and get your content out there. According to industry analysts, the global enterprise video market is set to grow by 20% each year going forward, reaching $40.84 billion by 2022. That’s just staggering growth. If you are interested in using professional live streaming to show your content to a wider audience, you will need to source live broadcasting software, and that’s certainly something we can help you with. 

The benefits of using broadcasting software for live TV 

Live streaming software is responsible for carrying out various tasks, such as ensuring your content is in a streaming-friendly format. You can also use the software to mix footage and content from various sources to give your broadcast an incredibly slick, professional look. Even if you have very little previous experience in this area, you may be amazed to see how intuitive the software is and what you can achieve with it.

There are many benefits attached to using broadcasting software for live TV. You can use this software to broadcast high profile events to the world, promote your products and services, make live announcements and communicate with your customers and followers in real-time. Live video streaming has proved beneficial for a diverse range of businesses and individuals, enabling them to interact with people from across the world.  


Intuitive, Professional Solutions


The latest technology enables you to utilize high-quality streaming free of glitches. When you use live streaming, you can communicate with people who aren’t able to attend your events in person and can interact with individuals located thousands of miles away. As well as video and audio, you can add pictures, text and live chat to your streams. Setting up live streaming is quicker and easier than you might think, and once you have the right video and audio equipment, an internet connection, encoder and reliable streaming platform, you’re good to go. You can use analytics to find out how many viewers have seen your video, and the viewers themselves can even watch it on the move as long as they have an internet connection.  

What is IPTV and what do Cosmos offer?

IPTV is TV that is delivered via the internet. More and more companies and organizations are seeing the benefits of using IPTV to get video content out to the public. At Cosmos, we can come to your assistance if you are looking for a playout system to make your content viewable online. You can also stream content continuously with IPTV and bypass traditional broadcasting methods. There are three types of IPTV, and these are Video on Demand, time-shifted media and live media. We can advise you on all of these. 

Broadcast Automation and Scheduling

What is Broadcast Automation and Scheduling?

Broadcasting or linear programming is all about creating schedules for your programming. With broadcast automation, you decide when your content is shown. Traditional broadcasters aim to ensure their programs are scheduled for suitable times of day when they are most likely to achieve their highest audience. However, audiences are increasingly moving away from the concept of watching TV as it is broadcast and consuming it at more convenient times. Nonetheless, we still see exceptionally high viewing figures for certain shows.

How do these services fit into the wider TV industry as a whole?

IPTV is regarded as a fast-growing area of the broadcast landscape. Although the traditional linear TV model is far from dead, IPTV on devices like phones and laptops is becoming increasingly popular amongst mobile viewers. By creating great IPTV content, you can grow your audience and heighten brand engagement levels. IPTV complements traditional broadcasting rather than replacing it.  


What can Cosmos offer you?

 At Cosmos, we offer a range of IP Channel Broadcast Playout and Cloud Television Solutions. Our cloud-native Energy solution is designed for video production for file-based and live workflows and content delivery, whilst our software-centric Lite option is the ideal virtual broadcast channel playout solution. If you are seeking platform broadcast services for video production for file-based and live workflows and content delivery, Eclipse may be for you. 

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